This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations.  Matthew 24:14

MIssions We Support

  • Inter-Cultural Church Development agency who seeks to
    Glorify God by developing healthy reproducing churches throughout the Southern California areas.

  • Child Evangelism

    Southern California

    A Bible-centered organization composed of born-again

    believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with

    the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple)

    them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian

    living. CEF has a ministry vision to reach Every Child, Every

    Nation, Every Day and has a number of unique ministries for

    children. The Good News Club, a weekly club during the

    school year and the 5-Day Club, a summer outreach course are

    two key ministries. www.cefonline.com

    Nina Hampton – Southern California

  • Cole and RéShawn are partnering with Mexican nationals to plant and strengthen churches in the largest and most influential city in the Spanish speaking world.

    Blog: www.humblebeast.com/follow-the-leader

  • As a nondenominational institution, the Los Angeles Bible

    Training School is dedicated to the task of instructing Christian

    workers in the Word of God. The instruction is designed for

    the head (knowledge), for the heart (affections and emotions),

    and for the hands (action). Without regard to denominational

    affiliation or racial heritage, the Los Angeles Bible Training

    School endeavors to present each student with an opportunity

    to prepare for effective Christian service. The school proposes

    to work in harmony with local churches in the ministry of

    teaching the Word of God. www.labts.org

    Dr. Paul Felix – Los Angeles

  • Its mission is to bring glory and honor to God by coming

    alongside pastors and Christian church leaders to train them in

    the Word of God and the work of God. With the Bible as the

    sole authority, the main focus is to equip Christian leaders in

    Haiti to serve Jesus Christ in local churches and related

    ministries. More Than Bread provides a training center for

    Haitian Christian leaders in Grand Goave which cultivates a

    community of biblical worship where pastors and Christian

    church leaders will be able to define and test their

    understanding of vocational ministry. www.mtbhaiti.org

    Willio & Neecole Destin – Haiti

  • Its mission is to support education and childhood welfare in

    Haiti, specifically through the support of a children’s home in

    LaColine and school in Anjubo. Further efforts are focused on

    strengthening the local Haitian Christian community through

    regular revivals, the support of ministers of the Gospel, and

    charity work including medical clinics, clothing banks, and

    feeding the poor. www.tvocusa.org

    George & Carolyn Harris, James & Shirley Anderson, Phillip &

    Evelyn Curls, and Chris & Yvette Delfosse – Haiti

  • released time bible education


    Its mission is to share the Word of God through prayer and

    bible study with children in public schools. Scriptures have

    been and can be legally taught on a devotional basis at a time

    set aside during the school day when public school students,

    with parental permission, leave the school premises to attend

    religious education classes led by religious or community

    groups. These classes, known as Released Time programs, are

    held off school premises. www.releasedtime.org

    Romeo & Pat Williams – Southern California

  • ambassadors for christ


    Their focus is strengthening churches in Fiji and teaching

    alongside fellow AFCI staff Dr. Narayan Nair and Premend Choy

    at the College of Theology and Evangelism Fiji (also known as

    Fiji Bible College). Michael is establishing a biblical counseling

    ministry in Fiji serving local churches and graduates from Fiji

    Bible College. In addition, the Seehusen's have a desire to

    equip pastors and churches in the outer islands and

    throughout the South Pacific by equipping by providing

    training and resources. www.fijilife.org

    Michael & Jordan Seehusen – Fiji

  • cofiministries


    Its desire is to support indigenous missionaries in Sub-Saharan

    Africa and also support the training, equipping, and

    strengthening of local men in the area through the Harare

    Theological College. The main goal is that biblically sound

    churches would be established. www.cofiministries.org

    Thomas & Dany Hodzi – Zimbabwe

  • Chulaimbo Baptist Church


    Apollo Oluoch is the Pastor of Chulaimbo Baptist Church, which

    he planted more than 20 years ago to primarily minister to

    widows but since its inception has grown to include families

    and persons of all age groups. He is the President of the

    Kisumu Baptist Bible College. Its main purpose is the training

    and education of men to become pastors and correctly teach

    the Word of God to their churches. And over the past several

    years he has formed an on-site ministry to educate and

    evangelize orphaned refugee children from Sudan who live in

    refugee camps located over the border from Kenya in Uganda.

    Apollo & Rose Oluoch – Kenya

  • Wycliffe bible translators

    papua new guinea

    Its mission is to see a Bible translation program in progress in

    every language still needing one by 2025; to see God’s Word

    made accessible to all people in the language of their hearts.

    Bible Translation Association is the local Papua New Guinean

    Wycliffe organization, working to bring God's Word to their

    own people, an enormous task of reaching the 300 people

    groups still without one verse of Scripture in their language.

    www.wycliffe.org and www.pngbta.org

    Mark & Estella Trostle – Papua New Guinea

  • Grace Ministries International

    philippines, malawi

    Grace Ministries International exists as a ministry of Grace

    Community Church to facilitate missionaries toward meeting

    our biblical obligation to "make disciples of all the nations"

    (Matthew 28:19). Pastors Training Ministry believes the most

    strategic way to make disciples around the word is by working

    with indigenous pastors, giving them the tools they need to

    fulfill their mandate to accurately and clearly exposit the Word

    of God. PTM works primarily with The Masters Academy

    International in their training centers around the world. Tim

    travels to the Philippines at least four times per year to teach

    the 3-year modular program on expository preaching through

    The Expositor’s Academy (TEA) and to Malawi each year to

    teach in the Master of Divinity program at The Central African

    Preaching Academy (CAPA). www.gracechurch.org/carns and


    Tim & Tina Carns – Philippines and Malawi